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This post was written by etoims on April 11, 2012
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eToims ET127 device is the only evoked response stimulator that can stimulate nerve-muscle meeting points commonly known as trigger points.  This electrical stimulation will excite the nerve to produce a brisk muscle contraction and relaxation called a twitch.  The device is used to seek and search the most excitable trigger points to produce the desired deep twitch that is essential for relieving nerve-related muscle pain and/or discomfort.

eToims is basically active deep tissue mobilization that is painless, pleasant, pleasing with the ability to produce pain relieving exercise to individual muscles throughout the body.  Unlike a massager, TENS or electrical muscle stimulators, eToims device empowers the individual to actively exercise individual muscles.

The individual is able to actively exercise his total body with self treatments similar to getting a total body self massage and feel physically rejuvenated immediately.

eToims does this without causing pain or discomfort compared to active exercise in which multiple joints move because of simultaneous contraction of multiple muscles that can aggravate the underlying muscle pain.

Electrical muscle stimulators, TENS units, self massagers or manual therapies can produce only mechanical excitation, and although pleasing and pleasant, the effects do not last since they are unable to elicit these deep twitches that are critical to achieve deep pain/discomfort relief. Also if electrical or mechanical stimulation is done too aggressively there can be aggravation of pain since there are no guidelines as to when a treatment is too much.

In eToims, the twitches can provide simultaneous diagnosis, therapy and prognosis in nerve related muscle pain/discomfort.

There are five grades of twitches and I will explain how we differentiate twitches in normal muscles from that associated with acute and chronic pain. eToims is always done with the least stimulus parameters to obtain the desired twitch and can be carefully titrated not only to be painless during treatment but not to cause pain after treatment.

Grade 1: Good brisk thumping twitches that produce a recoil effect on the hand holding the probe are easily found. This indicates that the motor endplates under the electrodes are firing. This “thumping” twitch is probably from depolarization of minimally dysfunctional endplates (latent trigger points).

In chronically tight muscles, it is very difficult to find any trigger point. Also due to the filtering effect of the tight tissues, the twitches tend to be small without force enough to produce a recoil effect. This is the most basic twitch force needed to get the most basic therapeutic eToims effect.

Grade 2: Joints to move in a shaking or rocking manner.

In the normal situation, when the stimulus parameters are increased to deliver maximal stimulation to the motor endplates zone, the stimulus will reach the deeper muscle fibers. The contraction of the deeper muscle fibers will produce movements of the bone and joints. This is a minimum requirement to get reasonable eToims therapy effect. Once this effect is attained, further increase in stimulation will not produce stronger twitches.

In acute nerve irritation, the twitches will be strong enough to produce vigorous joint movements and the movements may be strong enough to lift the joint against gravity.

However if the overlying tissues are very tight, one will get only joint rocking or shaking movements. If one increases the stimulus, one can get stronger twitches.

In the very chronic situation, due to the tissue filtering effects, even grade 2 movements are difficult to obtain and the movements may be that of shaking or rocking of the joint, rather than true movement.

When the muscles are very tight, the treatment goal is to aim for grade 2 therapy which is some joint play with shaking or rocking of the joint.

Grade 3: The limb and even the trunk can move anti-gravity.

These twitch forces are due to depolarization of acutely dysfunctional endplates (acute trigger points). In all cases of chronic pain, these acutely dysfunctional endplates are present and must be searched for to get good pain relieving results. However it is very difficult to find these acutely dysfunctional endplates and to depolarize them since the electricity is unable to penetrate deep since the muscle tissues are so tight.

In the normal situation, as one increases the stimulus parameters the twitch force will not become stronger since the motor end plate zone is discharged fully already. The antigravity movements will not occur in the normal situation since the motor end plate is completely depolarized already and further increase in stimulus parameters will not improve the strength of the twitches.

In acute situations, twitch forces will be large and forceful enough to get antigravity movements.

In chronic situations, antigravity movements do not occur due to the tightness of the tissues that prevent the electricity from reaching the acutely irritable motor endplates zones.

Grade 4: The limb and even the trunk can move anti-gravity with slow fatigue (takes many twitches, usually more than 4 twitches to fatigue and the movements are slow). This is because the tight tissues prevent the stimulation to effectively reach the motor end plate to stimulate with maximal stimulus strength.

Grade 4 twitches always indicate that the stimulus is able to penetrate better to reach to the acutely irritable motor endplates zones but the fatigue occurs slowly since the tight tissues give resistance that prevents the electricity from reaching fast to the nerve.

Grade 5: Muscle fatigue occurs very fast with rapid twitches. The twitches will go on even without ongoing electrical stimulation. If very acute, the fatigue will be occur by 4-9 twitches. Acute on chronic or sub-acute condition, the fatigue may not occur until 20 twitches.

and these are the Twitches of Choice:

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