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This post was written by etoims on June 30, 2012
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Massage is available all over the world  denoting its popularity with the public at large.  You’re one of the lucky ones if you had a massage and truly enjoyed the effects.

Do you know that massage can be used as a test for neuromuscular health?

There are points within the muscles where the massage feels exceptionally good and enjoyable.  These areas are points where the intramuscular nerve has early irritation at the trigger point (nerve muscle meeting point).   These feel-good points are latent trigger points  Manual movements in that area causes the muscles to twitch causing muscle relaxation and relieving tension.

When you do not like massage, it indicates that the muscles are very tight and tender. Do not massage this area aggressively since the massage can cause the muscle to go into spasm  giving you pain after the massage session.

Tenderness of the muscles is a cardinal sign of neuromuscular ischemia.  This usually means that you have active trigger points with nerve and muscle ischemia.

Always feel around in your muscles.  The points that you do not like are the troublesome areas.  Cut down on your activities so that the trigger points do not flareup more which will happen if the muscles are continued to be abused.

The areas in the muscles that feel so good to be massaged  can be massaged frequently so that the latent trigger point can come out of spasm.

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