About Us

eToims® Medical Technology, LLC is a private science and technology firm that developed proprietary Non-Invasive Electrical Twitch Obtaining Intramuscular Stimulation (The eToims® Technique), an advanced neuromuscular pain rehabilitation and mobility restoration therapy to help the millions of people worldwide that suffer from these conditions and injuries. The company was founded in mid-2006 following a trajectory of eToims®-related neuromuscular pain research that began in 1990 by Jennifer Chu, M.D. at the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Pennsylvania.

The eToims® Technique is an individualized exercise therapy using the patented and portable ET127 Evoked Response Stimulator that induces deep muscle twitches at injured or damaged neuromuscular junctions to stretch muscles internally, induce blood flow circulation, and cause outflow of pain producing chemicals. eToims® was previously available exclusively at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania where Jennifer Chu, M.D. was a staff member, along with Automated and Needle Electrical Twitch Obtaining Intramuscular Stimulation, which were available since 1998 and were the predecessors to the modern Non-Invasive eToims® Technique. eToims® Medical Technology, LLC is ISO 13485:2003 certified and the company's eToims® ET127 machine received the European "CE Mark" and approval from Health Canada in late 2009.

Soft Tissue Comfort Center(STCC)® is a leading, world-class pain rehabilitation center located on Philadelphia's historic Main Line that provides advanced neuromuscular pain rehabilitation through the application of the proprietary and patented Non-Invasive eToims® Technique. It serves as the Center of Excellence for training eToims® Specialists, as well as for treating complex and long-standing cases of neuromuscular pain in individuals who use the center on an in-patient or out-patient basis. Chronic pain may initially require daily eToims® Technique sessions in the worst cases, with weekly treatments recommended for individuals seeking eToims® Technique health & wellness effects. The eToims® Technique is superior to traditional manual tissue mobilization therapies and electrical stimulation which can only reach superficial, surface muscles, while The eToims® Technique penetrates deep muscle layers to mobilize tissue fibers closest to the bone and the joint, producing pain relief and range of motion enhancement which is not comparable to other treatments.

Through partnerships with universities, government institutions, corporations, physical therapists, physicians, chiropractors, and general practitioners, eToims® Medical Technology, LLC is engaged in spreading The eToims® Technique movement to the world. Health care practitioners in the European Union and Canada are now able to recieve training in The eToims® Technique which has been used to help world-famous athletes & weekend warriors, CEOs (including a Fortune 500 company CEO), highly successful entrepreneurs, university professors, specialist physicians, working professionals in law and government, and many others.