Company History

eToims® Medical Technology, LLC was established in 2006 to commercialize pioneering research in diagnosing and treating nerve-related muscle pain, established since 1990 by Jennifer Chu, M.D., Emeritus Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Chu developed Non-Invasive Electrical Twitch Obtaining Intramuscular Stimulation (The eToims® Technique), a unique and novel diagnostic therapy for healing conditions such as back pain, acute & chronic pain, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, and other forms of neuromuscular pain. Dr. Chu's connection with the University of Pennsylvania stemmed from her physician father's association with UPenn's renowned Chairman of Surgery Isadore Ravdin, M.D., during World War II while Ravdin was at the 20th General Hospital in the China-Burma-India (CBI) Theater.

eToims® Medical Technology, LLC is ISO 134285:2003 certified and the company's eToims® ET127 Evoked Response Stimulator received the CE Mark in late 2009. Soft Tissue Comfort Center(STCC)® was established in 2006 to rehabilitate and treat many types of common athletic and muscle injuries. The company is currently engaged in creating partnerships with treatment centers around the world to bring this innovative therapy directly to their facility. Please visit Development History for a time line of the discovery of eToims® and contact us at for more information.