Treatment Comparison

The patented eToims® Technique uses rapid bursts of electrical stimulation to non-invasively target damaged neuromuscular junctions, stretching tight muscles internally, and allowing fresh blood inflow with concurrent outflow of pain producing chemicals. The eToims® Technique is vastly differentiated from legacy forms of electrical stimulation which do not target deep neuromuscular junctions (including TENS, muscle stimulators, etc.). These muscle stimulators target surface muscles or shallow skin-level nerve-muscle areas, which do not serve to effectively reduce pain or restore mobility.

Also, there are no incisions or needles involved with The eToims® Technique and the potential for irreversible, invasive damage which can occur with failed surgeries is avoided. The eToims® Technique also avoids increased toxicity as can occur with pharmacological treatment options that have potential to decrease mental clarity, become addictive, and impair the user from work. The eToims® Technique does not block the signal of pain to the brain as with common pharmaceuticals, but actually removes neuromuscular pain at its source and thus revives mobility for the patient and increases range of motion. The eToims® Technique is essentially a motion regeneration therapy which exercises and internally stretches individual muscles.

Moreover, unlike injections that can actually damage or destroy the neuromuscular junction, The eToims® Technique non-invasively jumpstarts and stretches the neuromuscular junction in the way that a car’s battery is jumpstarted. While injections can permanently alter and destroy the neuromuscular junction in an irreparable and permanent manner, eToims® brings the neuromuscular junction back to functioning life, allowing the body to accelerate its own healing process.