eToimsŪ Advantages

eToims® advantages over needling methods:

  • eToims® applies surface electrical stimulation locally and focally to muscle motor points and regions of adjacent motor end plate zones.
  • The surface-applied electrical stimulation through intact skin readily facilitates the elicitation of forceful twitch responses from deep muscle fibers associated with the stimulated motor points and motor end plate zones, without requiring needle penetration into the patient's muscle.
  • Rapid movement between multiple treatment sites is possible allowing treatment of a larger number of muscle motor point areas in affected muscles and more muscles to be treated in a single treatment session.
  • The therapeutic effect of the twitches increases with the force and number of the twitches.
  • Since physical insertion of the needle electrode is totally unnecessary, patients experience little to no pain during and after the procedure, and the risk of repetitive stress injury to the therapist is reduced.
  • Significantly less skill is required to effectively elicit pain relieving twitch responses, thus facilitating training of medical and para-medical personnel to perform the procedure

Characteristics of The eToims® Twitch

  1. Forceful twitches. The eToims® Twitch can move the joint over which the stimulated muscle crosses over.
  2. Rapid twitches. The rate of twitch response is very fast and able to respond to 3 Hz stimulation causing the trigger point to fatigue within one second. Prior to fatigue, there will be a pre-fatigue phenomenon where the twitches become stronger and faster. (If the twitches are very slow, it illustrates that the tissues are very tight such that the electricity is unable to stimulate the trigger point effectively. These points therefore will not fatigue).
  3. Painless.
  4. Pleasurable.

eToims® provides simultaneous real time diagnosis, prognosis and therapuetic pain/discomfort relief

  1. Diagnosis: Smaller twitch forces and slower twitches are found in tight muscles, chronically involved muscles or weak muscles. Larger twitch forces with rapid rates that can fatigue the trigger point are found with acute nerve irritation before the muscle has become tight.
  2. The therapeutic effect and hence prognosis for pain/discomfort relief is directly dependent on twitch force, ease in eliciting large force twitches and ability of trigger points to fatigue.