eToims® and Your Physical Health

The eToims® Technique targets muscle fibers at damaged neuromuscular junctions, which when tight cause pain and discomfort for both healthy and chronic pain suffering individuals. The eToims® Technique non-invasively and painlessly uses rapid bursts of electrical stimulation administered by an eToims® Specialist, and has no known side-effects. The eToims® Technique does not require the use of pharmaceuticals in healthy individuals and is an ideal, life-long therapy that can help an individual's muscle development, strength, and comfort, while preventing increased pharmacological toxicity and the need for elective surgery. The eToims® Technique is your partner in maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle, well into your later years. The eToims® Technique also allows individuals with aging muscles to feel young again, as it non-invasively exercises and internally stretches individual muscles in a manner not possible with other treatments.

The eToims® Technique has multiple purposes and can be utilized in wellness and in disease by stimulating the deepest neuromuscular junctions closest to the bone and the joint, differentiating itself from all other treatments presently available. The eToims® Technique induces deep muscle twitches which can visibly shake the joint, offering a virtually painless therapy for treating chronic pain, fibromyalgia, athletic injuries, whiplash trauma, etc., in addition to promoting overall health in individuals that are seeking improved quality of life. Besides primary current application in nerve related muscle pain, by improving local circulation eToims may find application in prevention and treatment of other conditions, such as hypertension, cardiac disease, cerebrovascular disease and cancer.

eToims®-twitches contract, stretch and release muscular tension in areas of muscle pain, essentially massaging sore muscles from within the afflicted area. Further, The eToims® Technique provides nerve re-growth and regeneration which is in direct opposition to therapies such as epidural injections which seek to destroy neuromuscular junctions. The eToims® Technique is the only treatment that induces deep twitches at neuromuscular junctions, also known as trigger points to relieve pain by allowing muscles to: (1) relax, releasing tightness and tension on affected body areas, (2) increase intramuscular bloodflow to improve tissue oxygenation, and (3) concomitantly increase outflow of pain-producing muscle tissue wastes.