Muscle Pain Management

The eToims® Technique helps in reduction of muscle spasm that is present in conditions such as back pain, fibromyalgia, shoulder pain, and other common injuries and symptoms. By stimulating the trigger points with ET127, The eToims® Technique can facilitate the muscle to abruptly twitch contract and relax, indicating that nerve irritation related muscle pain is present. The twitch can be forceful enough to visibly shake or move the joint depending on the irritability of the trigger point. eToims®-twitch contractions exercise and educate the individual muscle to work properly and can provide therapeutic pain relief through increasing local blood circulation as muscles are internally stretched. The eToims® Technique thereby non-invasively massages individual sore muscles from within the spasmed areas at the trigger point. This internal stretch effect releases muscle tension from spasm at its deepest and most difficult to reach trigger points.