HCO Overview

eToims®, the acronym for Non-Invasive Electrical Twitch Obtaining Intramuscular Stimulation is a world-wide patent-protected, clinician administered treatment system and technology that offers pain rehabilitation for existing patients who may have failed other treatments, as well as encourage new patients to receive daily or weekly eToims® Technique treatments that improve their overall physical wellbeing and muscle state. The eToims® Technique non-invasively targets muscle fibers at damaged neuromuscular junctions deep within the body and closest to the bone and joint, encouraging muscles to twitch contract. The eToims® Technique twitch effects stretch individual muscles from within, increase fresh blood inflow to afflicted areas, strengthen injured muscles, and concurrently allow outflow of pain producing chemicals. The eToims® Technique and ET127 portable Evoked Response Stimulator are the patented inventions of Jennifer Chu, M.D., Emeritus Associate Professor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School.

The eToims® Technique is a diagnostic therapy as the deep therapeutic twitch effects (typically painless) only occur at damaged or injured nerve-muscle meeting areas, providing a simultaneous pain diagnosis and therapy, and allowing the clinician to engage real-time and interactive neuromuscular feedback. eToims® can also be applied by an individual on their own body to improve overall wellness and total body health. eToims® provides real-time diagnosis of injured nerves and muscles which may not be detectable with common procedures such as MRI. The most recent and acute injuries will twitch with the most vigor, while older and more chronic problems may not twitch at all in one or more of the first several treatment sessions. However, the twitch quality of a patient's muscle may improve towards the end of a 30-60 minute treatment session.

Specialists in The eToims® Technique include physical therapists, physicians, chiropractors, general practitioners, and other health care professionals who are experienced in electrical stimulation therapies, including their supervised medical and physical therapy assistants. The eToims® Technique is distinguished from all other forms of electrical stimulation by its ability to penetrate the deepest neuromuscular junctions, and offers hope to patients who have often become disenfranchised by current treatment options, as well as increasing the ability of the general healthy population to maintain their physical wellbeing through regular, weekly eToims® Technique treatments. Treatment centers specializing in athletic or other injuries in the European Union and Canada are now able to purchase the eToims® ET127 Evoked Response Stimulator to provide the treatment at their facility, as well as facilitate sales of personal use devices to patients for combined professional and at-home care. Please contact us at info@etoims.com for more information.

eToims® may be able to prevent surgery in recent injuries, though the degree of recovery is inversely proportional to the severity of nerve damage present, and ultimatley depends on the ability of each clinician to locate large force twitches in damaged motor/trigger points. Current eToims® patients include world-famous athletes & weekend warriors, CEOs (including a Fortune 500 company CEO), highly successful entrepreneurs, university professors, specialist physicians, working professionals in law and government, and many others.

Due to its ability to stimulate the deep trigger points, The eToims® Technique is able to produce twitch induced focal exercise of the muscles closest to the bone and joints to effectively stretch the muscles in spasm at problematic trigger points. This stretch exercise instantaneously releases the vice-like clamping effect that short and tight muscles due to spasm had on the intramuscular blood vessels and nerves. Acute injuries causing reversible partial nerve injuries such as neurapraxia can thus be immediately cured. Chronic repetitive or other injuries resulting in permanent nerve damage can be facilitated to heal due to improved circulation leading to gradual nerve regeneration. The eToims® Technique through its ability to exercise individual muscles to provide neuromuscular reeducation produces pain relief with improvement of range of motion leading to increase in strength, balance and coordination.

The eToims® Technique is thus a noninvasive, nonpharmaceutical pain management program which can be used long-term with few contraindications and rare side effects.