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“As a clinical electromyographer I welcome the use of this noninvasive technique of eToims which concurrently diagnoses and treats irritable motor points in tight muscles and frequently instantaneously produces pain relief.

eToims as a modality of electrical exercise is ideal as an adjuvant to general exercise therapy. Frequently it even turns out to be the initially single one possible therapeutic modality in those patients that have too much muscle tightness and are in too much pain to engage in conventional exercise therapy.

With medication it is only possible to offer pain relief, even then often with many side effects and counter-indications. The eToims technique does not have any side effects, and very few counter indications. Additionally to pain relief it also offers functional improvement. The latter is essential not just so that the patient can do more physically but because better functionality allows re-integration socially and vocationally which greatly improves the patient’s self-image, general well-being and sense of purpose not only for him/her-self, but also in his/her family and friends circle and more general in society.

eToims, even though non-invasive allows relief of muscle pain and tightness that is located very deep within muscles, which cannot be reached and therefore not treated with any other non-invasive treatment modality.

A physician or physical therapist with sound knowledge of muscle and nerve anatomy and physiology, combined with explicit specific training regarding eToims can apply this technique with often impressive effectiveness even in patients who have been refractory to many other treatments.

Most pain relieving electrotherapy techniques (e.g. TENS or electro-acupuncture) can relax tight painful muscles only indirectly, while eToims allows to accomplish this in a very direct way”.

Name withheld, Director, Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Belgium, May 2010

I am truly amazed at the results that eToims(r) has produced over the short time that we have used it in the athletic training room. I spent last weekend here at the academy with Dr. Chu and Justin learning all about eToims(r) and using it on our athletes. I have used it on everyone from professional tennis and baseball players to the pre NFL combine athletes as well as the academy athletes. Everyone has seen immediate results whether it is in pain relief or increased range of motion.

To give you a basic understanding of what this device does is doing it an injustice but for the sake of explaining it in terms that everyone can appreciate I will do my best. It leaves the athlete feeling like they just got a massage. They feel more flexible all over, they generally feel better and feel like they are lighter on their feet. The difference is that they are leaving the treatment having made progress. Unlike a massage that only reaches superficial layers of muscle tissue an eToims(r) treatment reaches deeper into the layers of muscle tissue that surround the nerves and blood supply, something that even the strongest massage therapist can’t accomplish. What it does is allow the muscle to begin functioning better with increased blood flow. In terms of an injury a muscle that has more blood flow is going to heal faster. In terms of performance a muscle that is functioning better is going to perform better. In the athletic training and physical therapy setting we traditionally use electric stimulation to help with pain control, again this only reaches the tissue layers at a superficial layer, successfully creating a stimulus that temporarily tricks the nerves into calming down, thus creating a decrease in pain. Again a very temporary treatment that ultimately does not produce any results.

In this short time we have had athletes get on the table before a treatment with a “sore” shoulder or hamstring and after a 30-40 minute treatment feel remarkably better. I will put this into terms that I know from my experiences. Before working at the academy I worked in professional baseball for a Major League Baseball team, when we had a pitcher come up with shoulder “soreness” we shut them down from throwing, started them on anti inflammatories and only put ice and electrical stimulation on there shoulder. We would do this process until they felt better with all movements during normal daily activities as well that we could not produce pain during an exam. This could take anywhere from 5-15 days. Then they would begin the strengthening phase, then begin throwing and eventually return to play. At a minimum we are talking about 30 days on the DL. If it were possible to knock off 10 days of that process, that could be huge for a major league athlete, not to mention the organization. In tennis we are talking about the difference between a player withdrawing from a tournament or losing early because of an injury, resulting in a loss of points and possible moving down in the rankings.

Thank you,

Name withheld, MS, ATC, LAT, Athletic Director at Major US Athletic Training Center, January 2010

As someone who doesn't just have pain, but among a host of signs and symptoms experiences muscle spasm, which limits movement, limiting range of motion, at present eToims® has been the most effective treatment to decrease both the pain and spasm.

Medications with claim to treat spasm and/or relax muscles simply don't. Alternative drug or natural therapies, such as homeopathy, have been found to be ineffective. When one's legs are in severe spasm, first they get tight, then pain begins. One can experience onset of limping or tripping to the point of not ambulating. The tripping is first noticed on climbing stairs, when one's foot doesn't clear the step. It is important to hold a railing. If this hasn't been experienced, one isn't missing anything. If it has been experienced, eToims® helps.

If this affects shoulders, arms, hands and fingers, the ability to use one's limbs, hands and fingers, can become limited, then lost. They seem frozen and, upon first realization, one has to fight the feeling of panic, discovering one can't accomplish what they need or wish. If one's neck is affected, one begins severe headaches and can't turn one's head. While it appears great that eToims® is more effective, started when symptoms and signs are minimal or wonderful when, for the most part, one has no significant pathology, for those who experience what I describe, there is nothing like eToims®.

Name withheld, M.D., PhD

Anyone who experiences pain on an ongoing basis knows it will consume your entire life. It will make everything in your life but the pain become insignificant….family, friends, community. The medication used to treat pain have some benefits but result in mind alteration, depression, stomach problems and more. As a person suffering with pain you will do anything to make it EASE, STOP or GO AWAY, if just for one day!!

I experienced excruciating pain as a result of a head and back injury. It consumed every aspect of my life. The pain was further intensified by the onset of depression and vertigo which would exerbate the back and hip. A vicious rollercoaster! My physicians gave me the best care possible with various pain medication, physical therapy, massage therapy, Tens treatment, etc. I received some relief through theses treatments but the pain was still intense and life altering.

Then I met eToims intramuscular stimulation and my life changed for the better. I was first introduced to intramuscular stimulation as a suggestion of a relative. Dr. Chu evaluated my condition and provided several treatments. The treatments provide relief and improved mobility far beyond any previous treatment for a much longer period of time. Also, the relief resulted in a reduced and some sometimes complete elimination of the mind altering pain medications.

I receive eToims treatments several times monthly. Because of this treatment, I am able to experience life again. I am able to cope with the vertigo, depression and give back to my community, friends and family. Theses treatments have allowed me to have hope! I thank God and Dr. Jennifer Chu for giving me relief and hope again!

M. Manuel, April 2010

To all concerned readers:

Please be advised that I, Vernon Artis, sustained an on-the-job injury to my right arm and hand in 1993. My primary care physician at that time recommended conventional heat therapy (2-3 times weekly) and hand exercises.

Although I received some comfort and pain relief; I was unable to work.

In January 1994, my primary care physician suggested that I be seen by Dr. Jennifer Chu (who specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation); for further evaluation and treatment.

My initial visit with Dr. Chu was most informative, delightful and all hopeful.

I initially received the manual intramuscular stimulation treatments (2-3 times weekly), and over the course of months the treatments were reduced to 1-2 times weekly; when I was able to return to work.

As the years went by, I received more advanced treatments that included automated stimulation and recently the present form of treatment called Electrical Twitch Intramuscular Stimulation (eToims®). The treatments which I receive relieve a lot of pain and tightness and is very stimulating yet comforting; whereas, I feel invigorated.

Because of the ongoing treatments over the years, I am able to maintain my pain levels (with a limited lifestyle); but most of all; I'm able to function, and more importantly work.

Without these treatments; I would most likely (eventually) end up unable to work.

I highly recommend eToims® to all. In doing so, you'll find a staff that is most hospitable and accommodating to your needs or condition.

I thank God for Dr. Chu and the entire staff; but more importantly, that I am able to function as a productive member of society.

Thanking you in advance,

Vernon Artis; May 2009

Hello My Name is Mandi!

I am a chronic pain patient who has been receiving eToims® for over 5 years. I have a life goal to age eventually becoming a vibrant straight postured beautiful 80 year old woman. I am half way there! My Plan requires that I receive eToims®. This is the only procedure that exists to treat muscles individually and directly. I know this treatment will help me achieve my goal because I see how this treatment impacts my mobility immediately after therapy. I enter Dr. Chu's office with very severe limited range of motion in my legs and lower back. I am barely able to raise my legs. After treatment, I am able to perform a "Rockette" leg raise and kick! eToims® relaxes my muscles and allows my skeleton to move 50-80 % better than just prior to therapy. eToims® effects are immediate! Because I can see this drastic improvement, I am given renewed faith that I can age gracefully!

I walk into Dr. Chu's office always in pain. And, Always ALWAYS walk out of her office pain free and incredibly grateful! After treatment, I become pain free with improved mobility!

I am forever grateful for Dr. Chu's eToims® procedure. I think of myself as the "TIN MAN" stiff and ridged and Dr. Chu is my OIL CAN! Her eToims® treatments allow me to move and live my life to the fullest.


Mandi A. Cassidy RN, BSN; May 2009
Resource Manager
CKHS Home Care

Every now and then I will get muscle aches and tightness from exercising, as well as from normal everyday activities, such as lifting, bending and even from sleeping in uncomfortable positions. Regular spa massages soothe me but they do not really address my problems. This is where eToims® has helped me. I have been receiving eToims® massages for the past year and I have seen a vast improvement in my movements. Whenever I am experiencing any slight muscle discomfort, I go to eToims® for a quick relief. In about 30 minutes of treatment, any discomfort is gone and I am able to get back to my day immediately afterwards. eToims® as a massage treatment is truly unique because I have never experienced anything like it before. The twitches that happen to my muscles from the treatment feel comfortable and it is amazing that through this action, it would make any muscle discomfort I am experiencing disappear. I am extremely happy that I have discovered eToims®!

Name Withheld, Fashion/Jewelery Designer; June 2009

I have been a patient of Dr. Chu's for over 5 years & her eToims treatments has given me relief from lower back pain, hip pain & shoulder pain when other treatments have failed to do so. I have continued to see Dr. Chu over these years, in order to maintain a pain free or nearly pain free level.

I recently moved, after which my entire body was so stiff that I thought that I would never feel "normal" again. After a few sessions with Dr. Chu, I felt flexible again.

I also work at a job which requires standing for long periods of time, and I would have to sit every 15 minutes or so in order to relieve the back & hip pain. Now I can work an entire shift without taking those little breaks.

In the mornings I like to take a walk, but again I couldn't walk longer than 15 minutes without pain. Now I am able to walk for an hour without stopping, the way that I used to before I hurt my back.

Everyday I thank goodness for Dr Chu and eToims.

Lois Mune, Philadelphia, PA; September 2009

I am able to function and now able to do what I could not do before, even simple things like doing 2 dishes, I had to take a break and then I had to do again. Now I can do them easily and also able to walk to the corner store, take my grandson to the children’s museum and to the playground and see him enjoy. Before eToims, I could not do any of these things and I was always lying down in bed because of pain. At one point, I was bed ridden for three years.

Since I started eToims about 2 years ago, I have been able to reduce the number of medications as well as the amount of medications and I am able to drive. I could never even dream of driving or get on an airplane but now I am able to take a trip. Everything has changed for the better because of the treatments.

William Collins; August 2009

Like many others, I grew up playing competitive sports. Basketball was my first love, and it was not uncommon for me to play 5-10 hours per day as a teenager. Unfortunately, I dislocated my shoulder for the first time at age 13, and then again about 3 months later. The first dislocation happened during a track & field event where I was doing the long jump and landed improperly. My shoulder immediately popped back in place and I decided not to tell anyone. The next time that it happened during basketball pre-season, my shoulder hung out of the socket for what seemed like eternity (though it was probably a few minutes in real-time), and I decided I needed to get help. I was diagnosed with a Bankart lesion and a Hill-Sachs lesion, for which I had open surgery at the age of 14.

The surgery was extremely painful, and I remained in excruciating pain for about 2 months. Just getting out of bed felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife. It was extremely depressing. About 1-2 months after surgery I began to receive Needle ETOIMS® treatments which helped me quickly regain my strength and flexibility. Needle ETOIMS® was the predecessor to modern non-invasive eToims®. I then began physical therapy, and the therapist was amazed that I had such strength and range of motion just 1-2 months after surgery. In fact, I remember her remarking that she had never seen someone who recovered so fast.

Fast forward to my late teenage years and I was a competitive martial artist, which led to further shoulder dislocations, as I did not receive on-going treatments. Now that I am in my late 20s, I take regular non-invasive eToims® treatments which have given me increased strength and flexibility, allowing me to maintain an active life, despite that I am clearly genetically pre-disposed to shoulder dislocations (my father had the same problem). I could not maintain an active and healthy lifestyle without eToims®, and I am eternally grateful for this medical breakthrough!

Justin Andrews; June 2009

Hi everyone:

I feel compelled to tell you about how I myself, have benefited as a patient who receives eToims® regularly because I suffer the same type of nerve related muscle problems as those of you who are reading my testimonial.

When I first discovered how to elicit twitches 20 years ago, I had to manually oscillate a monopolar electromyographic needle through very thickened and tight muscle tissue of patients who suffer from nerve related muscle pain. Many patients benefited from this manual twitch obtaining intramuscular stimulation (TOIMS) method but I developed repetitive stress injuries through the need for constant needle oscillation. My own muscles in the right arm and neck became tight, stiff, burning and sore and I also developed lower back pain. This happened while I was working as Director of Electrodiagnostic Laboratories of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. I immediately sought treatment from the residents to whom I had taught my own TOIMS method.

To prevent myself from becoming a victim of repetitive stress injuries, which I knew could permanently disable me, I decided to automate the procedure naming it Automated Twitch Obtaining Intramuscular Stimulation (ATOIMS). During this development my repetitive stress injuries became more significant, necessitating me to undergo treatments also with the ATOIMS device.

It was my own need to improve twitch elicitation to prevent me from getting worse with my own injuries that led to the discovery of monopolar needle facilitated Electrical Twitch Obtaining Intramuscular Stimulation (ETOIMS). This ultimately led to the discovery of the noninvasive, no needle, state-of-the-art present day eToims® so that the treatment can become more effective and at the same time be user-friendly to both patients and clinician care-givers.

Since the development of the advanced eToims® in 2005, I take one hour long eToims® sessions weekly and for the past year on a daily basis. Immediately after each and every eToims® session, I feel emotionally and spiritually uplifted, mentally clear, invigorated and physically rejuvenated.

The cumulative effects of eToims® over the past 20 years has allowed me to continue to function at peak performance at work and in leisure activities. My range of motion of the neck, lower back and extremities are excellent for a physician exposed to so much repetitive motion work. I have been able to definitely slow down the ravages of aging, and continue to feel and look very youthful. I can, in fact stand or walk longer with more stamina than those who are younger than half my age. Because my mind is not distracted by physical aches and pains, I can perform very concentrated thinking and continue to work, research and innovate so that you can benefit from the advanced and improved eToims®.

eToims® has allowed me to live my life fully. You can trust that eToims® can also physically rejuvenate you. You also can have ability to enjoy the quality of life that you so deserve.

Jennifer Chu, M.D., eToims® Inventor; June 2009

Dear Dr. Chu:
I am back in Atlanta and I literally felt compelled to write you this letter. Like you said you wanted results for me more then I wanted them for myself, well I am writing this letter probably more to purge my soul then to compliment you- same kind of idea. Here goes.

To begin with, having Chronic Pain has easily been the most challenging thing I have ever had to undertake in my life- and I have had quite a few challenges. Yes the Pain is horrible due to it's consuming nature both emotionally, mentally, physically and even spiritually- really test your faith but I never expected the feelings of loneliness and isolation it would create. My family has been beyond amazing, supportive and understanding but they are not doctors and of course they can't cure me or even understand the condition, so they are relegated to giving me emotional support which is great but not the answer of course.

I have always had disdain for traditional Alopathic doctors with their know it all attitude and lack of openness to anything that challenges their reign as being the ones that have all the answers when it comes to you health- your most precious asset without a doubt. Even with my lack of respect for them as a whole as I watched how they didn't take up the mantle of preventive medicine, nutrition or any alternative ways of treating illness -nor ever empowering the patient, but to be honest I didn't expect the more alternative practitioners to be full of some of the same dogmatic, ego driven, myopic tendencies that traditional doctors fall prey to.

Dr. Jennifer Chu truly does not fit into any category other then pure scientist, doctor, healer and visionary. She is not interested in Ego, position, accolades, or even what you might think of her other then the interest in your comfort, she is fully focused on the body, the truth, and procedure, method, techniques and devices that will stimulate your own body's natural wisdom to heal.

From the first second I met Dr. Chu I immediately felt the connection, maybe it's because we are both inventors and live outside the status quo, or maybe it's our commitment to create something greater then just making a ton of money- like helping people and leaving a legacy of something bigger then our own individual lives and egos.

Literally every detail from the first second you meet Dr. Chu is an experience like no other doctor I have seen- I have conservatively seen over 50. To begin with you NEVER feel rushed- you are not a number or a patient sitting in some cold impersonal room waiting for the exalted one to walk in, you are an individual that is suffering, confused and probably emotionally tattered as well, unless you had the good fortune to see Dr. Chu before any other doctor :)

She not only listens to everything you have to say but actually takes the time to answer your questions in both a way that you will comprehend the information but not in a dumbed down patronizing "why don't you understand" way- you always feel like you are an equal, even if you know you don't hold a candle to her brilliance :)

The examination was at least ten times more thorough then any doctor I have seen to date. It was both subjective and highly objective. Even the room was warmed up before hand in order that you were relaxed and comfortable since your don't have many pieces of clothes on obviously- nothing aggravates me more then waiting in a doctor’s office in a stupid gown for an hour in the cold- unconscionable!!

Dr. Chu just doesn't understand the body she is literally in love with the body and all it's innate wisdom and capabilities. That doesn't mean you are not going to get it straight-as kind, gentle and understanding as she is , she will also tell you in no uncertain terms what to do and what NOT to do and I can tell she is the last person you want to disappoint :)

The treatment itself is more then tolerable (especially with her Sees Candy trick which I have to confess I thought it might work for a child but it won't do anything for me, and yes I sucked the whole thing down to the stick) The best part of the treatment other then you get to spend time joking and teasing with Dr. Chu, is that you know she is stimulating and waking the body up to work the way it was intended, rather then deadening, blocking and killing things. It's not that Dr. Chu has some great aversion to medicine she just knows why go for a temporary fix that will not only NOT be healing in the end but probably make matters worse in the long run- for her it's logical you would stimulate the nerves and muscle to behave properly or in the way they did when you were healthy and not in pain!! Makes sense to me.

Finally, you feel that Dr. Chu hasn't just dedicated her life in pioneering a better way to treat pain for her own legacy but she takes true joy in helping you live a better quality of life- you feel that though you just met her and she literally owes you nothing, she cares about your healing process and results in a way that no doctor I have met can match.
All I can say is after reading all about her for the past few months and then finally meeting her--- I finally get it!!

Yours Truly,

Scott Mark Olschansky; 2008