eToimsŪ for Healing Acute & Chronic Pain

Acute pain is defined as pain lasting for less than three months, while chronic pain can be a debilitating, lifelong disease that impairs an individual's ability to live a normal, functional life. Chronic pain affects at least 65 million people in the U.S. (with some estimates ranging as high as 100 million people), with 80% of the overall population experiencing back pain at some point in their lives. Chronic nerve-related muscle pain conditions include neck pain, shoulder pain, middle, upper, & lower back pain, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, spinal stenosis, tendonitis, whiplash, musculoskeletal pain, degenerative disc, and other diseases. It is believed that chronic pain costs the U.S. economy $100 billion in lost annual productivity.

Chronic pain has a causal link to depression, and The eToims® Technique offers hope to these patients so that they may live a normal, functional, and even physically active life. The eToims® Technique has succesfully treated more than 1,000 patients in more than 10,000 procedures since development began on the treatment in 1990 by Jennifer Chu, M.D. of the University of Pennsylvania, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Healthy individuals should also take daily or weekly eToims® Technique treatments to improve or maintain their physical structure and well-being, and use The eToims® Technique as an advanced sports/deep-tissue therapy. The eToims® Technique is the ideal treatment to improve flexibility, strength, muscle endurance, range of motion, and quality of life. The eToims® Technique is especially helpful for the baby boomer population, as well as older individuals that suffer from pain related to diseases of aging, with regular treatments serving to prevent injuries and help patients recover faster from slips and falls.