What is The eToimsŪ Technique?

The eToims® Technique is used in relaxing muscle spasms and in neuromuscular re-education of individual muscles and also to groups of muscles. The ET127 stimulates trigger points where nerves and muscles meet, and these areas can elicit twitch contractions. Twitches cause individual muscle exercise and stretch and relax tense and spasmed muscles and aid in re-education of muscles to work properly. The eToims® Technique can quickly treat individual muscles in many areas of the same muscle as well as can treat multiple groups of muscles throughout the body during the same treatment session. This provides results superior to traditional methods of manual physical therapy that can mechanically stretch or provide stimulus only to superficial muscles and usually only to groups of muscles. The tight and tense deeper muscles are difficult to relax especially those lying on bone and joint surface since mechanical stimuli are unable to reach to stimulate them. These deep muscles can pull on pain sensitive structures of bones and joints and can give rise to severe pain. Often, a 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute eToims® Technique treatment session will accomplish better muscle relaxation, deep muscle stretching exercises and pain relief than manual techniques of the same duration.

Please consult your physical therapist, chiropractor, or physician, and if they do not currently offer The eToims® Technique please spread the message about this treatment and direct them to the Health Care Organizations section! Individuals should first have their local physiotherapist or physician trained to become eToims® Specialists to be able to provide ongoing treatment sessions to individuals suffering from acute or chronic nerve related muscle pain or discomfort.