Will eToims® Work For Me?

The eToims® Technique provides reduction of muscle spasm and re-educates muscles to work properly, especially the deeper muscle areas which are unreachable by standard stretching and exercise activities. As a result, there can be pain relief, increase range of motion and improvement in quality of life provided satisfactory relief of muscle spasm can be achieved especially reduction of spasms in deep muscles which are close to the bones and joints. Acute pain/discomfort should ideally be treated within 24 hours of injury, or before the pain escalates and becomes difficult to treat. For those chronic pain patients with a reduced quality of life, daily or weekly eToims® Technique treatments can offer a chance for functional recovery. The degree of functional recovery is inversely proportional to the degree of permanent nerve damage present.

The advantage of The eToims® Technique is that ET127 can be used to electrically stimulate individual muscle activity and properly relax muscle spasm with increase in range of motion. The affected muscles can be re-educated to properly work again.