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eToims® Price List

Basic eToims device with probe holder: US$9300. Has limited energy output for personal or clinical use (videos illustrate the Operator's Manual and Self Treatment eToims). This device can be used by the clinician who can apply eToims treatment to the patient and can also be used as a personal device for self treatment by patients or athletes who are under the care or supervision of a clinician such as a doctor or physiotherapist.

Advanced eToims device with probe holder: US$16,300. This device is available only to specialists who want outstanding results in treating all types of myofascial pain and/or discomfort. Purchase of 3 or more devices/client qualifies for 3 days of supervised on-site clinical training. Otherwise training is provided in Philadelphia, PA, USA. (videos illustrate the Operator's Manual, Clinician eToims and Self Treatment eToims).

Electrodes: US $210/unit. One unit consists of (1) 30 pairs base plug electrodes, (2) 30 pairs of top pad electrodes and (3) two pairs of latex free elastic straps. Minimum order is 6 units (180 pairs) of electrodes. Electrodes are proprietary for single use only and are clinical laboratory certified for biocompatibiilty and are non-allergenic.

eToims Product Catalog

I am interested in adopting the eToims® Technology in our practice in Europe/Canada

Training in the patented eToims® Technique and purchasing agreements for the patented ET127 Evoked Response Stimulator are now available for clinicians in the E.U. and Canada.

I am interested in Training and Certification for The eToims® Technique in the US!

eToims® is coming soon to the U.S. Clinicians should contact us below to receive updates, and patients should ask their physiotherapist or physician to contact us!

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